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Compare Google Caffeine

Search Google & their new sandbox version Google (Caffeine) at the same time and compare results on one single page. See what this new version of Google offers. Some noticeable points is you will see that the rendering speed is reduced. More about the changes can be read on the google webmaster blog post or on an article by Matt Cutts.

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About the Tool

Welcome to our Google Comparison tool. Enter your query and we will return the results for both the new version of google and the existing version. The differences between the two can be sublte as they essential run off a similar algorithm. By having the side by side you can see that there are some slight differences. If you have comments about this tool, please leave them on our New version of Google. This tool is based on a tool we previously did to compare google & bing. Please excuse the patchy design, but our focus was on the usability and doing something that worked !.

About Us

We are a internet company specialising in Internet Marketing in Munich, Germany. We offer conversion optimisation & search engine optimisation, specialising in English SEO for German Companies. BlackDog has over 5 years experience in web optimisation, and since 2009 is an independant company, run by Paul Savage.

When not programming handy tools like this, we write about where is cool to go sightseeing in Dublin and about post about technology on our notebooks website. As we live abroad, we sometimes miss TV from home, one handy tool we made was a list of Irish Proxies. They will help you watch Irish, British & American TV online from wherever you are.

Update: 27/11/2009 - With the roll out of Google Caffeine, the version located at is no longer working. But you view it directly on according to SEO Roundtable. So now our tool still works.

Update: 20/01/2010 - It now appears the caffeine is live, and rolled out. This tool may not really present any advantage for using it, but for historical reasons it will remain here.

Update: 20/07/2011 - This tool does work for comparing personalised and non-personalised SERPs.

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